Aural Only: The Maccabeats

There aren’t nearly enough Hanukkah songs in the world. Despite Hallmark’s best efforts, the holiday isn’t quite as commercialized as Christmas, but it’d still be nice to turn on the radio this season and hear something besides Adam Sandler and that “Lonely Jew” song from South Park. Sure, we need a little Christmas. But we’re headed into overkill territory. You can only listen to “Dominic The Donkey” so many times, right?

Though it may never happen due to copyright reasons, it’d be fantastic to hear “Candelight” by The Maccabeats on the airwaves. The acapella group hails from Yeshiva University in New York, and they’ve put their own twist on Taio Cruz‘s top ten hit “Dynamite”. Considering this video has over two million hits, most of you have probably seen this. But for those of you who suck at the internet as much as I do, be sure to check this one out!

– Dewitt

To listen to “Candlelight”, follow the JUMP:

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