Aural Only: The Best 100 Songs of 2013

We’re running a bit late today! To give you some background, the terrible trio of Gay Evan, Gay Skylar and Gay Duncan were supposed to help me compile this Best of Manhunt Daily list featuring the greatest songs of 2013. Instead, they put their differences aside, quit their jobs at Manhunt headquarters and embarked on a road trip to go live in the Sketchy Sex apartment. Gay Duncan stated, “It’ll be just like the Holy Spearit in ‘Crossroads’, only way sluttier!” Ugh.

(See last year’s list here.)

So, naturally, I just spent two hours putting together a countdown that nobody will care about! The fate of Manhunt Daily‘s music section is up in the air for 2014. While I’m positive it won’t be disappearing completely, there’s a decent chance that posts will be less regular and more, um, Manhunt-specific. In other words? They’ll be sluttier. Boulangerié Knowles might step in as the full-time music editor, because even if folks don’t know what she’s saying half of the time, her posts about artists get way more traffic than mine.

If you’re still reading this ridiculous introduction, I should stress that these are only my favorite songs written about on Manhunt Daily this year. You might have a different opinion on what should have topped this list, and hell, there are even a few selections that I would have included if I could have.

Thoughts? Feelings? Let’s chat, boys.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Elvis Di Fazio

Take a look at my picks for the best songs of 2013:


100 – 91:

100. Ralph Myerz f/ Annie – “Take A Look At The World”
99. Dominique Young Unique – “Earthquake”
98. Woodkid – “I Love You”
97. Brandon Maclean – “Stupid”
96. MS MR – “Hurricane”
95. Syron – “Here”
94. The Colourist – “Little Games”
93. Marlene – “Bon Voyage”
92. Spring Offensive – “Speak”
91. Slow Knights – “Shame”


90 – 81:

90. The Postal Service – “A Tattered Line of String”
89. Club 8 – “Stop Taking My Time”
88. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Sacrilege”
87. Laura Welsh – “Unravel”
86. Matt & Kim – “It’s Alright”
85. Little Boots – “Motorway”
84. Demi Lovato – “Heart Attack”
83. Charlotte Church – “Breach of The Peace”
82. Veronica Falls – “Teenage”
81. Lana Del Rey – “Young And Beautiful”


80 – 71:

80. Rebecca & Fiona – “Union”
79. The Ballet – “Is Anybody Out There?”
78. Capital Cities – “Safe And Sound”
77. Charli XCX – “SuperLove”
76. Miley Cyrus – “Wrecking Ball”
75. Agnetha Fältskog – “Dance The Pain Away”
74. Sleigh Bells – “Bitter Rival”
73. Margaret Berger – “Human Race”
72. Martha Wash – “It’s My Time (Club Mix)”
71. TECLA – “Fake Tears”


70 – 61:

70. Big Dipper – “RIDICKLUS”
69. Kelly Clarkson – “People Like Us”
68. Woodpigeon – “Sufferin’ Suckatash”
67. Polly Scattergood – “Cocoon”
66. Bruno Mars – “Treasure”
65. Katy B – “I Like You”
64. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – “Young Blood”
63. Cate Le Bon – “Are You With Me Now?”
62. Destiny’s Child – “Nuclear”
61. Tegan and Sara – “Goodbye, Goodbye”


60 – 51:

60. Rhye – “The Fall”
59. Fantasia Barrino f/ Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott – “Without Me”
58. Icona Pop – “All Night”
57. Mariah Carey f/ Miguel – “#Beautiful”
56. Jessie Ware – “Imagine It Was Us”
55. Iron & Wine – “Joy”
54. One Direction – “Best Song Ever”
53. Lady Lykez – “I Love My Butt”
52. Dan Black f/ Kelis – “Hearts”
51. Hey! Hello! – “The Thrill of It All”


50 – 41:

50. Megan & Liz – “Release You”
49. Ra Ra Riot – “Beta Love”
48. Pink – “Just Give Me A Reason”
47. PAWWS – “Time To Say Goodbye”
46. The Internet – “Dontcha”
45. Ciara f/ Nicki Minaj – “I’m Out”
44. Prince – “Breakfast Can Wait”
43. Classixx f/ Nancy Whang – “All You’re Waiting For”
42. Kelly Rowland – “Kisses Down Low”
41. Stay Bless – “Always”


40 – 31:

40. Pusha T – “Numbers On The Board”
39. Fol Chen – “A Tourist Town”
38. Little Mix – “Move”
37. Meg Myers – “Heart Heart Head”
36. Ariana Grande – “Baby I”
35. Sharaya J – “Smash Up The Place”
34. Vance Joy – “From Afar”
33. Sky Ferreira – “You’re Not The One”
32. M.O. – “Ain’t Got Time”
31. Mapei – “Don’t Wait”


30 – 21:

30. Duke Dumont f/ A.M.E. – “Need U (100%)”
29. Photo Ops – “It Makes Me Cry”
28. Nick Pes – “I Remember”
27. Lady Gaga f/ R. Kelly – “Do What U Want”
26. Teen Girl Scientist Monthly – “Summer Skin”
25. Temi Dollface – “Pata Pata”
24. Mutya Keisha Siobhan – “Flatline”
23. Petula Clark – “Cut Copy Me”
22. I.K.P. – “Smilin’ (Don’t Let Me Stop)”
21. Shy Girls – “Still Not Falling”


20 – 11:

20. PAPA – “Young Rut”
19. Young Galaxy – “Pretty Boy”
18. Daft Punk f/ Pharrell Williams – “Get Lucky”
17. Beldina – “What More Can I Say”
16. The 1975 – “Sex”
15. AlunaGeorge – “Attracting Flies”
14. Natalia Kills – “Saturday Night”
13. Janelle Monae f/ Erykah Badu – “Q.U.E.E.N.”
12. The Preatures – “Is This How You Feel?”
11. HAIM – “The Wire”



We wrote: “While Solange is busy posing in front of a custom-designed Lamborghini Murcielago to promote her new Saint Heron compilation, her pal Dev has gone ahead and released Cupid Deluxe, his second solo album under the moniker Blood Orange… This is a great, chill album with R&B, rock, electronic and pop influences. I’d argue that it occasionally reaches a level of musical genius akin to Prince, but that might be giving it too much credit? Unclear!”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Shortly after writing this, it was brought to my attention that Solange and Dev had a feud on Twitter and will no longer be working together. Oops!



We wrote: “Glasgow-based trio CHVRCHES fuses together ’80s pop with goth rock on ‘Now Is Not The Time’, the second single from their new EP Recover. The resulting blend is particularly infectious, making for the group’s most accessible and addictive offering yet (which isn’t saying much, considering how short of a time they’ve been around).”



We wrote: “There is nothing ‘hip’ or ‘cool’ about it. Martin and Brickell aren’t trying to redefine the face of music or pander to anyone for the sake of sales. This is, quite simply, two adults coming together to make folk music with a touch of bluegrass influence, and it’s easily the most refreshing thing I’ve heard in a long, long time. Trust me! You might be surprised by how much you love this.”



We wrote: “I’m almost ashamed by how much I adore Cher Lloyd‘s ‘I Wish’. Better yet, I’m almost ashamed by how much I adore Cher Lloyd. The British pop tart falls back onto her trademark bratty delivery for her latest, but there’s a sweeter touch of the ‘I’m a pretty girl complaining about not being pretty enough’ method that Taylor Swift‘s so famous for (along with a nice dash of Skee Lo‘s hip-hop classic “I Wish“). Once again, known dick-wad T.I. contributes a verse.”



We wrote: “English producer Bibio‘s new album Silver Wilkinson came out a month or so ago, and if you’re looking for some laid-back tunes on this wretched Monday morning, I’d recommend checking it out on Spotify, iTunes or right down below. Lead single ‘À tout à l’heure’ would be the most obvious introduction to his work, though you might want to direct your ears toward ‘You Won’t Remember…’, ‘Raincoat’ or ‘Dye The Water Green’ for something even more mellow.”



We wrote: “While I’m certainly not a good girl who knows it, the vaguely cheesy crooning on this track appeals to my down-there parts in a way I can’t really describe… I mean, I can’t be the only gay dude who wants to bone Drake, right? If the answer to that question is “no”, then you can download this image and Photoshop it into your naked selfies.”



We wrote: “While I hate to go all ‘soft’ on all of you, I’d like to enlist the help of up-and-coming Australian pop singer Betty Who to remind you all that somebody out there loves you. It doesn’t matter how shitty, alone, fat, dumb, lazy or unattractive you feel today (or any other day, for that matter). Somebody, somewhere loves you.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: This song’s placement has nothing to do with that shitty proposal video.



We wrote: “Right now, Neko Case is the only thing keeping me sane and grounded. The indie songstress has a new album coming out on September 3rd, which makes me relieved to know that talented people are still allowed to make interesting, multidimensional and thoroughly powerful music that doesn’t sound like it was churned out by a factory of generic hit-makers.”



We wrote: “‘Instant Attraction’, in and of itself, is yet another solid offering from the pair. It rekindles the emotional dance-floor wizardry previously heard on their excellent debut EP and its lead single ‘Stay In Touch‘, channeling a familiar 1980s synth-pop sound that feels classic upon the very first listen.”



We wrote: Scott Hutchison, the lead singer of Scottish band Frightened Rabbit, bears a slight resemblance to Jake Johnson of New Girl fame mashed together with Zach Galifianakis. He’s got a great beard, and I’ve thought about what he might look like naked quite often. To hear him sing about his “holes”, in any capacity, is a very erotic experience for someone with a dirty mind like mine… Frightened Rabbit’s ‘Holy’ could very well be my favorite song of 2013. It’s difficult to explain the appeal beyond the way the music makes me feel like my heart’s going to float out of my chest and start doing the Charleston in front of me. While I feel a vague connection to the lyrics, it’s not enough to completely justify why I love this track so damn much.”


Best of Manhunt Daily 2013


7 thoughts on “Aural Only: The Best 100 Songs of 2013

  1. It’s gonna be a shame if boulangerie takes over, cause I’ll have to stop reading the music sections. xP

  2. bullshit. Not including the Pet Shop Boys “Vocal” in the top ten is absurd. Not including the song in the top 100 demonstrates that not one of you has ANY FUCKING TASTE in music whatsoever

  3. Can we all just stop and praise whatever being you pray to that the Gay ______ trio will no longer be posting? Those were some of the most INANE, vapid, shallow posts I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. “Boulangerie Knowles” aka Dewitt’s inner drag-queen, isn’t a lot better but at least isn’t slavishly devoted to promoting one artist.

  4. The only person I recognized out of the top 10 was Steve Martin, and I had no idea he did music xD

  5. How did Swear and Shake not make the cut? Dewitt, you turned me onto them and now they are my jam! But Amen that the Gay trio are gone. They were the worst. Boulangerie is fun/funny, but I take your reccomendations much more seriously, Dewitt.

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