Aural Only: Ne-Yo

If you’re going to give Lady Gaga credit for anything, you got to admit that she’s successfully brought the epic video back into the mainstream. After “Paparazzi” and “Telephone”, it seems like every artist with a decent budget wants to make videos that are twice the length of their original songs. This would be great. If they weren’t such a waste of my fucking time.

Wondering why I sound so angry? Well, I just sat through over fifteen minutes of Ne-Yo parading around as an alcoholic superhero who saves the world and then celebrates with buttloads of champagne. While there were a few impressively choreographed fight sequences, it was basically nothing more than a bootleg version of “Thriller”.

The saddest part is that “Beautiful Monster” is a fantastic dance track. Ne-Yo doesn’t need these sort of gimmicks to prove his artistic worth, and it just comes off as desperate and poorly executed. Also, aren’t you supposed to wait a before releasing the second part of a “to be continued” series? And isn’t it supposed to not suck?

– Dewitt

To listen to “Beautiful Monster” and “Champagne Life”, follow the JUMP:



5 thoughts on “Aural Only: Ne-Yo

  1. Since we can no longer look forward to new music by Michael Jackson, other than all his rejects the money mongers are now preparing for the world to hear to cash in on his death, Ne-Yo is about as close as anyone can come to sounding like him and recreating his style and sound, while still retaining enough newness not to be totally classified as a complete rip-off, so I am a big fan and thankful for his contribution to the music we are getting today. I like both of these songs a lot.

  2. I saw both of the world premieres of these videos last night and was really impressed.

    The storyline wasn’t really my bag, but I liked the dancing and the singing.

    And at the end of the day everyone is basically “ripping” someone else off. Even the biggest names were influenced by other artists who came before them.

    Honestly, I’m just glad to see a recourd label putting the money up for big budget videos. There was a time in the 90s and early 00s where labels were spending a fair amount on big budget videos. Now most of the videos are shot on a soundstage or at a local club…

  3. I love beautiful monster. Such a great song. It was that bitter taste that makes amazing music. It sells in masses. It ain’t new either. Well at least not the concept. hello “jagged little pill”

  4. How dare Ne-Yo make a video with him as a superhero?? I mean, what is going to happen to his artistic integrity? dewitt, you make me cringe every time you review music. It’s like a 13 year old child reviewing the newest fad. lol. Anyway, the songs sound like secondhand leftover cuts from his last album. I wish he would take a risk and step outside the box a little.

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