Aural Only: Magic Wands

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I don't know much about Magic Wands, but their new single "Kiss Me Dead" has my magic wand at full attention. This is definitely going to be the soundtrack for my next make-out party. Wait, do people still have make-out parties? Because it seems like something adults should do more often (even if they just turn into full-blown orgies).

This duo will be playing a show at San Francisco's Great American Music Hall this February, and I really wish I could be there! Maybe I'll find a sugar daddy who'll buy me a plane ticket? A boy can dream…

– Dewitt

To listen to "Kiss Me Dead", follow the JUMP:

5 thoughts on “Aural Only: Magic Wands

  1. Horrible song; horrible recording. The entire melody line uses about four notes total. This is like some old Phil Spector recording on Nembutol. How much did someone pay you to hype this piece of crap?

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