Aural Only: Jessie J

You better get used to Jessie J‘s “Price Tag”, because it’s about to be plastered all over the place. Whether you like it or not. The mellow backing beat is packed with more sunshine than the cheesiest Natasha Bedingfield song, while the overall positive message will surely resonate with a good portion of pop music listeners. Long story short? It’s catchy and entirely inoffensive. People are going to swallow this shit up like McRibs.

As you might notice, the track is nearly the polar opposite of her gritty debut single “Do It Like A Dude”. There’s no mention of grabbing crotches, and the music video is full of bright colors instead of ripped black stockings and lesbian make-out scenes. Which side of Jessie J do you prefer? The saccharin-sweet “safe” version? Or the raunchy, in-your-face pop bitch?

– Dewitt

To listen to “Price Tag”, follow the JUMP:

13 thoughts on “Aural Only: Jessie J

  1. I like it. I prefer her first sigle, but she’s here to stay and nobody can deny that. Hope it becomes a big hit in America.

  2. I cannot stand this chick. I really don’t get why everyone is making such a big deal of her AT ALL. Finding her average and trite, at best. BLECH.

  3. i prefer the original version whitout B.O.B, theres a video of her performing this song live amazingly on a british show…..

  4. I think is a great song, perfect for radio. Don’t know why some people hate her when she has written music for Britney, Christina and Miley, singers who gay men love a lot.

  5. Yeah! She’s back. Either Price Tag or Do It Like A Dude, I love this chick and her music. Now if we can only get Rihanna in the countdown. Her new video will be out tomorrow.

  6. Momma knows best is great.

    I love Jessie J and after this post about Do it LIke a dude I’ve been listening to her songs on youtube almost daily. She was also featured in the movie Easy A.

    More of her please.

  7. She’s from my area, love her, and she’s going to be BIG. Just like everyone is from Essex!

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