Aural Only: Erykah Badu

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Music critics and bloggers alike listed Erykah Badu's New Amerykah Part One (4th World War) album as one of the best of 2008, and the follow-up will soon be dropping this March 30th. To give us a taste of what we might expect on Part Two (Return of The Ankh), Erykah's released a web-only bonus track entitled "Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)", which features Lil Wayne and Bilal.

If you thought Erykah was weird back in the '90s, her style's gotten even stranger since the days of calling "Tyrone". Because of this, it only seemed fair that Ms. Badu should round out our week of "expanding horizons" on Manhunt Daily. Who ever said our Weekly Top Ten couldn't benefit from a little oddness?

– Dewitt

To listen to "Jump Up In The Air (Stay There)", follow the JUMP:

4 thoughts on “Aural Only: Erykah Badu

  1. Reminds me of stuff I did myself a long time ago when I snorted too much crystal, stayed up all night, and recorded weird stuff on a 4 track reel to reel machine, singing all the instruments myself, over-dubbing vocal parts endlessly and thinking it had to be pure genius…until I listened back the next day when I wasn’t high anymore and thought “What the fuck is that!” Still got those tapes around here somewhere. Wonder if Erykah is doing too much meth.

  2. Brilliant as usual!!!!
    BTW, if this sounds too weird for you, don’t even attempt to listen to New Amerykah Part 1, cuz this is pop mainstream in comparison. LOL!

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