Aural Only: Edward Maya

Having topped the charts in no less than nine countries, it’s safe to call Edward Maya‘s “Stereo Love” an international hit single. Recently, the Romanian producer has been climbing the US Billboard charts, peaking at the twenty-sixth spot as of last week.

We’re not sure how he wound up sandwiched somewhere between Lil Wayne and The Band Perry, but you certainly won’t find us complaining. It’s always nice to hear some sounds from overseas getting some love! Not to mention, he’s pretty fucking cute.

– Dewitt

To listen to “Stereo Love”, follow the JUMP:

14 thoughts on “Aural Only: Edward Maya

  1. its funny cause i remmber hearing this in a club in germany almost a year ago and thinking it was awesome

  2. The Mia Martina version of this song is 10x better!!!!!
    But this is still a good song, especially when driving in the countryside.

  3. Good song but yeah… over 12 months since it really hit the charts. The version with Vika Jugalina has a better vocal, IMO.

  4. Gosh!!.. this has been in the clubs for a year now.. And im form India where usually the latest music takes a while to catch on :S

  5. I heard this while on vacation in Malta and Italy last Christmas, but never imagined it would make it to the American charts. I guess is a case of better late than never.

  6. LOVE Edward Maya, finally started hearing it played in bars here, it was played everywhere while I was Europe this summer.

    The singer in this version is Vika Jigulina, not Alicia as it first says in the screen

    and I personally think this version is better then Mia Martina’s, she just has better english skills and therefore sounds more clear.

    Vika is also used as some vocals for This is my Life!

  7. this was the song of the summer of 2009 in spain and i agree the version with Vika Jigulina its way better….

  8. I agree — this song is awesome, but the remixes are even better. I want to say it was featured a few weeks back on Tiesto’s Club Life Podcast on iTunes, but I could be wrong.

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