Aural Only: Ciara

I really love Ciara, but her new video for "Work" isn't entirely working for me. There are moments when her style and dance moves seem like a carbon-copy of Beyonce, and then there are some points where Sasha wishes she could be this fierce.

That's the thing–this video is "fierce" in the most blatant America's Next Top Model way. Some people are going to go crazy over it. Others are going to think, "Wasn't that shot on the crane basically the ANTM hot-air balloon photo shoot?" It's okay to channel great artists for inspiration, but seriously… a reality show for wanna-be models? 

Do I even want to ask if this has Song of Summer potential? Danja's production is far too busy for breezy days of checking out hot gay boys on the beach. This song shows potential for greatness, but Ciara's at a point where she should be beyond potential.

– Dewitt

3 thoughts on “Aural Only: Ciara

  1. i just wanna know how lil bow-wow could have cheated on her when he was with her! if she sexes as good as she dances. . .oohhweee! i’m thinkin his lil ass just couldn’t handle her. the video is hot and so is the song. just need to get rid of the that lil lesbian missy in the background lol

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