At Last: Rocky LaBarre Bottoms For Drake Jayden!

Ask and ye shall receive! This scene between Rocky LaBarre and Drake Jayden almost didn’t make it to our computer screens, after The Guy Site lost a decent portion of the original footage. However, after fans demanded to see Rocky get plowed, the studio finally decided to cave in and release what they had.

“It’s very intense stuff as I’m mostly a top in real life,” Rocky told us on Twitter. “Knowing that I might bottom for the scene at some point, I prepared for it the day before by having my backdoor opened by my good friend Mario Ortiz! Mario and I have never fucked befor,e but I knew I would need a SUPER COCK to keep me stretched long enough to take Drake’s big meat.”

He continued: “I was so dizzy after my super-fuck with Mario, you can probably see the cut where I tripped and hit my head. It hurt, but I was laughing from the after-fuck bliss and because it was funny… Drake was amazing. If I could get with him again, I would do it in a heartbeat. So sexy, so natural. A sweet guy. We had great chemistry and had a LOT of fun during the shoot.”

Well, there you have it—inside information from the man himself! Though we haven’t had a chance to watch the scene yet, we’ll be sure to save up a few loads for Rocky’s fuzzy and muscular ass. For someone who’s not used to getting fucked, it looks like he’s doing a damn good job with Drake’s thick cock. We can’t wait to see the whole thing.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: The Guy Site

To check out Rocky LaBarre and Drake Jayden in action, follow the JUMP:

19 thoughts on “At Last: Rocky LaBarre Bottoms For Drake Jayden!

  1. I would have thought it to be sexy, until the supposed bottom became the top…then I became confused.

  2. lol, I’m not a pig, so that’s how beautiful I am 😉

    P.S.  That Top could do soooo much better !

  3. Would have liked a nice close-up shot of Rocky’s hairy butt hole getting spread wide open by Drake’s fat cock, but I’ll settle for that side profile pic.  And a wet, hairy Rocky in the shower.  Yum!

  4. Yea, getting fucked is fun…more tops should try it (but maybe without the drama) with someone that knows what they’re doing. But enough about Rocky’s big adventure…let’s focus on Drake.  HUBBA!!!!!!!!!!  What a hot piece of man he is…look at that rocking body.

  5. Girls girls girls …. why so many so perplexed by the top bottom thing whatever feel’s good at that moment go for it otherwise we are just the same as the str8’s you bitches r so caty cattie or ? geez its for everyones pleasure get a fuckin life and get some cock/ass and stop spending so muchtime online jesus christ!!!!

  6. Beyond porcine? I suppose I would define ‘pig’ as someone who degrades another based on appearance and then writes, ‘lol’ – as if that would either soften the blow, or make that person seem even worse because of their callous nature.

  7. WOOF, just saw this.   Rocky’s eyes are popping in the back of his head at one point as he gets pounded.

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