On a Friday. Smh. Smh. Smh.


Yes! We’ve had even further technical debacles this week! As several of you pointed out and I’m sure many more of you noticed and decided never to come back, Manhunt Daily got hacked and google decided to post a scary warning page before you could view anything here telling you to TURN BACK! THIS IS NOT THE WAY


Labyrinth, False Alarm, This is not the way, For the path you take will lead to certain destruction


Anyway, all is well now. We unclogged the clogs, google swept the site, and declared it “fine,” and everything is back in operation. So let’s look at some butts!

Last week, I finally figured out what to do with that open tab of Ashton Summers that I’d been staring at for a few months and made an “ALL ASHTON ASS WEDNESDAY.” You guys voted (wow! A LOT of you guys voted) and number 5, the original pic that I had that sent me on my Ashton Summers butt-googling quest, ended up the winner. Personally, I was very into 12. But you guys are the deciders.

This week we’re back to a random assortment, and I’m gonna need some assistance in ID’ing a couple of these because they were too good not to include, but googling provided no additional information into who owned them. If you know, and you wanna educate the rest of us, shout it out in the comments.

To the butts!

1. Kyle King

Kyle King, Ass, Butt, Cakes, Massive, Muscle, Black and White, Sexy, Bottom

2. Joseph Sayers

Joseph Sayers, Ass, Butt, Cakes, Massive, Muscle, Black and White, Sexy, Bottom


3. This Jack Adams Model

Jack Adams, Ass, Butt, Cakes, Massive, Muscle, Jock, Sexy, Bottom


4. This sexy ass Russian guy painted by Vladimirov Ivan Alexeievitc, c. 1892

Vladimirov Ivan Alexeievitc, Nude, Naked, Ass, Butt, Jock, Muscle, Painting, Art, Illustration, History, Russian


5. This naked fishing guy.

Naked, Nude, Waders, Chaps, Fishing, Sports, Bareass, Fly Fishing, Waders


6. Randy Blue guy Beau Warner (that hole, though. My god)

Beau Warner, Randy Blue, Ass, Hole, Butt, Bottom, Shower, Naked, Nude, Sexy, Muscle


7. Marcus Randall‘s incredible, gravity-defying butt from earlier this week

Marcus Randall, Sexy, Naked, Model, Ruffskin, BBC, Nude, Ass, Cake, Underwear, Bulge


8. Luke Adams‘ butt from the campaign trail



9. This guy who seems to just be called Samson, but I can’t find anything else about him but holy hell I think I’m hypnotized.

GIF, Samsom, Black, Ass, Hole, Butt, Bottom, Shower, Naked, Nude, Sexy, Muscle, Flex, Bottom


10. I think this guy is actually making all these vids on his tumblr and his ass is UN. REAL. Jockstrap pulled in by the sheer gravity of those cakes





That’s our lineup this week.  Due to the fact that this got posted late, voting is gonna be shorter this week, so come back and make sure your pick is in the lead until next Wednesday!



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– tyler

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