Bottoms up, gents.
It’s the last one of 2015!


So this week is going to be a roundup of all the best #AssWednesday asses we’ve featured so far (remember, I’ve only been at this since October and we had technical shenanigans that knocked out a few Wednesdays, so you’re not looking at a year’s worth of butts here), and next week’s post will be dedicated solely to the winner of today’s AW voting. That ass will be the gold standard ass by which we judge all other asses in 2016! It’s a flawless system! I’ve done the math! Let’s begin!

1. This rando from the first AW post:

Ass Wednesday, Camo, Cakes, Butt, Ass, Bubble, Firm, Muscle



2. Massive COLT Muscle Butt Tim Rawlins




3. This.




4. This Dancing Tumblr Ass Magician



5. The Glorious Paul Wagner 

Paul Wagner, Ass, Gay, Porn, Butt, Hole, Hairy



6. JR Bronson 

ass-Photo May 23, 11 02 57 PM



7. *WILDCARD* Ashton Summers



8. *WILDCARD* Andres Vergel 

Andres Vergel, Naked, Hard, Ass, Sexy, Muscle, Worship, Tattoos, Hole, Jacking off, Cum, Dildo


We’ve had some strange and faceless winners of this vote in the past, so I tossed in some personal favorite *WILDCARD* butts to make it more interesting. Now’s your chance to vote for the Best Ass of 2015. You up to the challenge? Votes reset daily so come back and proclaim your favorite as much as you want.

[socialpoll id=”2318727″]


I have literally no way to anticipate what you guys are gonna do. Close to 3k people voted for last week’s winner so let’s make this one count too!


– tyler


2 thoughts on “#AssWednesday

  1. Can I just applaud the selection of rumps for our delectation, truly a cornucopia of delights and choosing one is torture. But I have to go with Tim Rawlins, one of Colts god like beauties.

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