Another Wednesday, another crop of the finest Man Butts in town.

We had to miss a week last week due to server moves and technical problems and these things and those things and now that’s all mostly resolved (save for a few older posts I have yet to rebuild and stick back in here) so let’s get back to the butts!

As you may remember from the last time we did an #AssWednesday, we had a little poll to see which butt you thought was the KING of AW. The results may shock you! They may be exactly what you expected! They may be frustrating because the thing that actually won is nameless and faceless and I have no clue how to find MORE of him! Anyway, you can go see the results on that page, including the percentages. We have other butts to accomplish today. Let’s dive into some furry man ass:

1. Boomer Banks

Boomer Banks, Ass, Boomer Me, Bacon, Cakes, Naked, Butt, Raging Stallion


2. Eli Lewis

Eli Lewis, Ass, Butt, Naked, Underwear, Nude, #AssWednesday


3. David Chase

David Chase, Ass, Muscle, Butt, Hole, Balls, Glutes


4. Raciel Castro (oh my lord this dude is so hot)

Raciel Castro, Naked, Nude, Ass, #AssWednesday, Hairy, Butt


5. This Furry Butt (with bonus cock shot)

Hairy, Ass, Butt, Naked, Cock, #AssWednesday, Jeans


6. This Blessed MF’r



There’s some good stuff in here this week, and my money is on #6 just cause I’ve had that video on a loop for like 10 solid minutes now.

Tell me who takes the #Cakes:

Mustang, Next Door Ebony, Ass, Cake, Butt, Gay, Black, BBC

[socialpoll id=”2311826″]

We’ll tally it up for next week! Until then, send me good butts, and use hashtag #AssWednesday to take today back for Man Ass. Woof.


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