As If We Need A Reason To Post A Picture Of Michael Phelps…

Michael Phelps, shirtless, half naked, bulge, hot, sexy, Olympic swimmer

Whether you think he's a butterface or you want to lower your butt onto his face, we figured we'd throw up this photo of Michael Phelps walking around in some board shorts. Some folks have been salivating over his bulge, but does anyone think he's actually super hung? I mean, we've all seen the guy in a speedo, and it's pretty clear that he couldn't hold a torch to either of his porno doppelgangers

Not that we're complaining! We're sure his dick would look just fine as we do him on all fours. Could you imagine the stamina this boy must have? I should get a damn Olympic gold medal because I'm swimming in my own drool right about now.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: AP Photo/Felice Calabro

5 thoughts on “As If We Need A Reason To Post A Picture Of Michael Phelps…

  1. Come now, Dewitt. Surely you’ve been in a public swimming pool before. The water temperature is conducive to shrinkage. Some guys are growers, some are showers, some are both. Cold water tends to be an equalizer, though.

  2. I don’t know what is making the bulge, but I’d walk on hot coals to lick whatever it is!

  3. His body is AMAZING!!! Geez!!! Good enough for me. I have heard all sorts of things about his face but I do not think he’s THAT bad!
    I have seen gay men walking around with guys who have much worse faces and prerequisite nice bodies… We are synonymous with dating butta-faces!!!

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