Are You Sugar-Plummed with Anal Sin?

Google Earth Penis

Remember how we posted about people drawing giant penises on roofs and fields so that satellites would pick up the images? Well, a man by the name of Tyson Bowers III wrote a piece on that got a little too Anjem Choudary for my tastes.

Bowers wrote, "I wish stoning was still legal, because I would love it if his [one of the individuals who drew a giant penis] parents tied his anus loving mouth to a stake and throw stones at his sin filled body until he stopped breathing. Then he could join Satan in hell!"

The entire piece just seems like a violent, unfunny parody of extreme Christianity, peppered with such insults as "twiddle rompus worshiper" and "sugar plummed with anal sin". Yuck!

Bowers' bio on the site reads, "I'm a solider of God and I walk in his light to do his bidding!" Forget about the bad spelling… whether you believe in God or not, I'm sure we can all agree that he wouldn't accept this sort of hate speech.

– Dewitt

3 thoughts on “Are You Sugar-Plummed with Anal Sin?

  1. What does any of that mean? With all due respect, Tyson’s website is ludicrous. A movie poster of “Where The Wild Things Are” – a decades old beloved children’s book – is deemed fodder for pedophiles in vans. Seriously, the writer says for every gay man four children are molested. Why discuss such offensive and obviously lunatic websites? Give us more nude pictures and stories that are worth reading. (Try looking up Darius McNeal and writing about him, for example.) Not that I’m telling you you should never write anything negative, but Jesus Fuck, that shit was rancid.

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