Are You A Big Spoon Or A Little Spoon?

Calling all cuddle sluts! I’m doing a loose study on the correlation between a man’s cuddling preference and the sexual role he generally plays in bed. For example, I am one-hundred percent versatile when it comes to cuddling—I enjoy being held as the “little spoon”, as well as wrapping my arms around someone as the “big spoon”. Sexually? I would say I’m a versatile top, but there are certain days when I’m just a raging bottom whore who can’t get enough dick. Let’s just compromise and say I’m versatile, all around.

However, Australian Manhunt member cmacca30 doesn’t fall into your preconceived, cookie-cutter notion of how cuddling preference should relate to one’s sexual role. This handsome, 32 year-old versatile bottom loves getting fucked, but when it comes time to snuggle, he won’t settle for anything less than being the big spoon. One could refer to him as a “cuddle top” (or one could not, because that’s not a particularly clever name).

Thanks to cmacca30 here, I’ve suddenly become obsessed with the ins and outs of male cuddling preference. Do a lot of dominant, verbal tops love to be cradled softly to sleep? Are all bottoms secretly big spoons deep inside? Am I the only person who’s such a slut that he doesn’t care either way? I’ve got questions! You’ve got answers!

– Dewitt

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28 thoughts on “Are You A Big Spoon Or A Little Spoon?

  1. very handsome indeed, i’m aslo versatile but i prefer to be always the big spoon, i love to hold and cuddle a guy in my arms

  2. I’m definitely a bottom but when it comes to spooning I’m definitely the big or top spoon. Love wrapping my arms around my man and falling asleep holding him…

  3. I just had this conversation yesterday with an upcoming date. I don’t know whether I prefer big or little spoon. I’ve never been a little spoon; never had anyone hold me that way. That’s something to think about.

  4. I would say I’m a versatile spoon. Sometimes I love to feel my man behind me, his dick against my butt, big arms around me, warm breath on my neck. Then there are those times I just love to wrap my arms around my sexy man, snuggle his neck, and wrap my hand around his dick and feel it grow in my fist. Mmmmmmm…

  5. How does your spooning preference relate to your usual sexual role? You left out the most important part!

  6. I’m a vers bottom who when I was just coming out want to be the little spoon/total bottom which appears to play into the correlation. But, now I prefer being the big spoon. I love nuzzling up to the guy with my face on the back of his neck and exhaling and getting a smell of him coming back to me. The main reason for preferring to be the big spoon is my height, 6’1″; which explains why I tolerate being the little spoon, for short periods of time, with the guy I am seeing since he is like 6’3″.

  7. Let me sleep on it…..and will do some careful analysis.
    Can’t just jump to any scientific conclusions, now can we?

  8. Let me sleep on it…..and will do some careful analysis.
    Can’t just jump to any scientific conclusions, now can we?

  9. I enjoy both being little and big spoon, 90% bottom. My bf, however loves being little spoon. This is somewhat difficult seeing as to how he’s 6’6″, and i’m 5’8″ on a good day…

  10. I think of myself as versatile, however in my relationship I’m pretty much the top. When it comes to cuddling, my boyfriend and I are pretty much 50/50. We pretty much flip-cuddle throughout the night. He’s like 4 inches taller than me, so we fit quite perfectly when he’s the big spoon. When I’m the big spoon I have to make choices. Do I want my nose on the back of his neck so I can fall asleep inhaling his scent? Or do I want my crotch to be aligned with his ass in a proper spooning position? Ideally I would get both (as he does when he’s the big spoon), but I can only get one or the other at any given time….

  11. I’m the big spoon. I love wrapping my arms and legs around someone. It’s also easier to slide my dick in.

  12. I’ve been both little and big spoon… I think even with the same partner when I am in a relationship. I’ve never really thought about it in correlation to my sexual role (when I am fucking, I’m a bottom who is leaning towards becoming more vers lately). I think spooning can really depend on the size of the two guys… if one guy is smaller, it’s easier for him to be the small spoon. I’m surprised anyone would really care whether they were the big or little spoon… cuddling rocks whether you are the cuddler or getting cuddled. However, I can’t do cuddling for much longer than, say 15-20 minutes, otherwise I get bored or my arms fall alseep.

  13. Vers small spoon. Sexually, vers (top, its ever changing), but I’m fairly muscular and 6’1 so I tend to be bigger but I like being wrapped up until it gets uncomfortable then we have to flip over

  14. i love being the little spoon……but what kind of cutlery are you if u also sleep under the guy just let him use u as the mattress pretty much lol and vice versa actually

  15. Vers Bttm, and
    – Little spoon for dozing / cuddling.
    – Big spoon for sleeping.
    * There is a but, the height or size of the other spoon ‘can’ dictate spoon positions.

  16. I would describe myself as a versatile top, but I like being the little spoon more. Unless the guy is shorter than me, for some reason I have to be the big spoon then.

  17. This is actually my favorite survey to do at bars while I’m really hammered.

    Most people tell me (guys and girls) that they prefer big spoon, but are open to switching things up once in a while.

    Also, most guys who prefer little spoon wear that badge with fucking honor.

  18. I totally want him. I’m 100% versatile with both. Whatever the other person is, I’ll be the opposite for them

  19. Either work for me cuz cuddling is the best. I am a Dom Top but don’t fit the stereotypical mold.

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