Anthony Mackie Reveals What He’d Like To See In Real Steel 2

Anthony Mackie says that he would still like for a sequel to 2011’s Real Steel to be made, taking place in a Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome-style world.

Star Anthony Mackie has revealed what he would have liked to have seen in a sequel to his 2011 action film Real SteelReal Steel, which starred Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo and was directed by Free Guy‘s Shawn Levy, was based on the short story “Steel” by prolific sci-fi and horror writer Richard Matheson. It followed a man training an underdog robot to be a champion in the near-future world of high-tech boxing.

Anthony Mackie, who has since risen to prominence as Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (he’ll even be taking on Cap’s mantle in Captain America 4), had a small early role in Real Steel. He played Finn, a friend of Hugh Jackman’s character Charlie who runs the betting pool at the boxing matches. He ends up collecting $100,000 from Kevin Durand’s character Ricky, who bet that Charlie’s robot Atom wouldn’t last a single round.

Speaking with EW, Mackie explains how his role was originally meant to grow “throughout the scope of the movie and hopefully the series.” They always intended to make further Real Steel movies that unfortunately never came to fruition. He “wanted it to be like the Fast and the Furious series,” and even though that didn’t happen he has an idea for the sequel to explore the world of underground boxing. He said it could be like “Mad Max meets Real Steel,” in which Mackie plays a version of Tina Turner’s character Auntie Entity, who runs Bartertown and the Thunderdome in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Read the full quote here:

He offered me the part with the idea of the part growing throughout the scope of the movie and hopefully the series — because I was like, “Man, we could do part 2. We could do part 10,” I wanted it to be like the Fast and the Furious series.

I think the possibilities are endless. I always thought about the idea of going to the underground world and seeing what the reality is. The underground boxing circuit is so different than that last fight with all the glitz and the glam and the polish. I feel like you can do a Mad Max meets Real Steel, and I could be Tina Turner.

The idea of a Real Steel sequel becoming a reality isn’t entirely outside the realm of possibility. The film reached #21 in the worldwide box office for the year, so while not being a juggernaut it did make its budget back and then some. Hugh Jackman has also said that, after the film debuted on Netflix during the pandemic, its popularity has risen and more people are asking for a sequel.

Studios are also prioritizing established IPs now even more than they were pre-pandemic. Years-later follow-ups to Legally BlondeHocus PocusEnchanted, and many more popular properties are being developed in an attempt to resurrect Hollywood from a year of disastrous box office returns and theater closures. In a world where a Gladiator 2 is right around the corner, it wouldn’t be shocking for Real Steel to be rebooted just over a decade later.

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