An Open Letter To Julian Serrano & His Utterly Mind-Blowing Bubble Butt

Julian Serrano, after seeing you pop your muscular ass in Andrew Christian undies, I would say that it’s of the utmost importance that you enter my ridiculous twerking contest. Your gluteal abilities are well-suited for the song “Bubble Butt”, and while I hate to sound desperate, I am down on my knees with six dildos up my hole begging you to shake that “Million Dolla Pu$$ayyyyyyy” for the good of mankind (and my dick).

What’s your secret? Do you eat lots of eggs like Rafael Alencar? Did you sell your soul to the devil? Did you get implants? Did you use the promo code “25manhunt513” while checking out on Andrew Christian and get a 25% discount on your purchase?!?! I’m not sure if that last question has anything to do with your ass, but I just thought I’d let you know that they’ve paired up with Manhunt for a cool sale… Of course, you seem to have quite a few pairs of their undies, so maybe it wasn’t even worth passing on that information.

Thank you for being a (twerk) friend,

– Dewitt

Watch Julian Serrano twerk to Ciara’s new single “I’m Out” below:

The king of twerking

Julian Serrano

Julian Serrano


Andrew Christian sale



106 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Julian Serrano & His Utterly Mind-Blowing Bubble Butt

  1. Can one legally marry a butt?

    I’m sayin’ that’s pure magnificence, is what I’m getting at.

  2. K….now I’m way nearly too intimidated to enter the ring for the “bubble butt booty poppin’ twerkin’ like you can work-it even if you can’t it’s still silly and fun anyway” challenge.

    Seriously…this dude cleans my clock and rocks my cock, and I’m far from an agressive top.

    in a word: damn.

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