An Interview With Tim Kruger: Chatting With The Sexiest Man Of The Moment

Tim Kruger has the best penis. This is not hyperbole folks — the man’s dick is truly a work of art. Just ask the dozens of satisfied bottoms he’s fucked senseless over the years for his website Tim Tales.

Is it safe to say that redheads are taking over gay porn? I know we’ve asked the question before, but based on the results of the latest installment of The Ten, they’re certainly taking over your fantasies!

I recently had the pleasure of talking with the ginger sex god himself, and we discussed the future of Tim Tales, who he would love to fuck for the site, and how he’s managed to churn out scene after quality scene over the years. Take a peek behind the curtain and learn more about the man behind the meat in this exclusive interview!


Photo credit: Tim Tales

Read our exclusive interview and see more pics below:

Tim Kruger looking handsome as fuck

Thanks for speaking with me today, Tim! How are things in Barcelona?

Hi! In Barcelona, it’s really nice at the moment. Warm and sunny. I’m from Germany, so at this time of the year, it’s usually still cold there. I’m happy I can spend my time here in Barcelona. Also, there are many hot guys in town, because it’s the Matinee Gay Easter Circuit for the next 3 days.

Will you be attending Matinee?

I was out yesterday, and maybe I will go tonight. Tomorrow, I’m flying to Brussels for La Demence. That sounds like I’m the biggest circuit queen, probably, but I’m not!

Does Barcelona have a reputation for being a big party town?

I think it does, but actually Madrid is the gay capital of Spain. There is much more nightlife. But the 10-day Circuit Festival in August is so popular here that many people think it’s a party all year long in Barcelona.

Tim Kruger fucks Mateo Stanford on gay porn site Tim Tales

Let’s talk about Tim Tales, your website. Hands down, you have had some of the hottest men in the industry on your site. What makes someone a Tim Tales Man?

We get a lot of e-mails from guys who want to do a video for Tim Tales. Also, I’m constantly looking on dating sites, in clubs and elsewhere for guys I find attractive or that I think our users will like. There is not a specific type that I look for. As you can see on the site, there are many different types of guys, and that’s what I like.

Absolutely! You definitely have a wide range of guys featured. When did you get the idea to first start the site?

I first worked for other companies — mostly in the USA — before I worked with a few European companies, and I thought, “Why not start my own company and be my own boss?” I wanted to make porn a bit more authentic and leave out the things I personally do not like much when I watch porn.

I have to say, I have been a fan since the very first scene. Now, several years later, Tim Tales has only gotten better. What’s your secret for consistently having such great scenes?

I think it’s because we’re having fun doing it! It’s me and my boyfriend’s baby, and we’re putting all our energy and time into it and doing almost everything ourselves. There is no big company behind us or any straight directors and actors. It’s all gay owned and operated.

Tim Kruger and Grobes

Gay owned and operated — I like that! Speaking of your boyfriend Grobes, I know he films a lot of the scenes involving you. Is it ever awkward shooting knowing that he’s there?

No, it’s never awkward. I think it’s more awkward when there is a guy behind the camera who is a total stranger to me.

Grobes did a few scenes in front of the camera in the early days of Tim Tales. Will the two of you ever do a scene together on the site?

You know, I post half of my life on Twitter and Facebook, but at the moment, this is a little piece of privacy we want to keep for ourselves. But never say never!

Now I have to ask this, because I know people will be curious to know. Will you ever bottom on Tim Tales?

Who knows? Maybe someday I will. But wouldn’t it be boring if I did everything the people wanted me to do? You have to keep some things for yourself to stay interesting.

Tim Kruger fucking GIF

I agree with you there. Besides, you’re a fucking GREAT top! Why mess with a good thing?

Yes, exactly. (And thanks!)

Who has been your favorite scene partner so far?

There have been a lot of guys I really liked fucking. And a few I didn’t!

Scott Hunter and Italo were my favorites. Especially Italo. That man is insatiable!

Yes he is. And soooo flexible! Probably because he’s a dancer and acrobat.

Tim Kruger and Italo

Oh, I can totally see that! Watching him do splits on a dick is pretty amazing. Is there anyone out there you’d love to fuck on the site?

Armond Rizzo. I would love to fuck him! But it will happen at some point — I’m very sure about that.

That scene would break the Internet, I’m sure. What’s coming up in the future for you and the site? Any plans for the summer?

We’re working on a little redesign of the website to have a fresher look and more options for our users. Hopefully we can go online with the new site some time before the summer. I’m also in talks with some publishing houses to do some photo books, and I’m even working on a dildo.

A Tim Kruger dildo? I’m pretty sure that would be classified as a deadly weapon and require a permit.

LOL — I hope so!

Tim Kruger SexyTim Kruger Sexy

Were you always this confident? What was teenage Tim like?

No way… And I’m still a bit shy today, believe it or not. But teenage Tim was a shy guy with lots of friends, great parents and an amazing childhood.

What’s one thing that your fans would be the most surprised to know about you?

Maybe that I’m cooking a meal for my boyfriend while I give this interview!

Chef Tim! What’s on the menu?

Rindergulasch mit Semmelknödel.

Tim Kruger Runway Fashion Show

Google Translate tells me that’s beef goulash with dumplings. Sounds tasty! If you weren’t doing porn, what would you be doing? I saw some picture of you recently rocking the runway in a fashion show!

Yes, I did it a few times already, but just for fun and not with any serious career expectations.

I actually have no idea what I would do if I weren’t doing porn. I probably would work somewhere in a shop or department store or find something else I like. I always like to try things out even when it’s not working in the end.

Well, Tim, I know you have a busy schedule ahead of you. Where can people follow you and your work online?

They can follow me on Twitter at @timkrugerxxx or on Facebook. Or when the new site is ready! There will be a blog where people can follow my everyday life.

Excellent. Tim, thanks so much for speaking with me today. Don’t party too hard this weekend!

Thanks a lot. I will try!



10 thoughts on “An Interview With Tim Kruger: Chatting With The Sexiest Man Of The Moment

  1. He cooks?! *cries in joy*

    I loved his scene with Scott Hunter, one of my all-time favs!!!

    Please Tim, let Leander be f*cked by other men on your site!

  2. He’s crazy hot and a big beautiful dick……..but kind of a boring fuck (in his scenes). Maybe I’ve just seen so many of the timtales ep that I’m bored by him? Sounds like a “me” problem for sure lol….def wouldn’t kick him out of bed tho.

  3. ooh I wanna know the names of those he didn’t like working with!

    And Grobes is mighty hot! Is he the cameraguy in past videos that pulled out his dick to let the bottoms suck it while his man Tim was busy fucking the hell out of them?

  4. Two questions: Gay owned and operated. Does that apply to all the performers, are they all gay also? He does both bareback and condom, but has never performed bare himself. Will that ever change?

  5. “Two questions: Gay owned and operated. Does that apply to all the performers, are they all gay also?”

    Unless the performers also own and run (which according to the interview, it doesn’t — it’s just Tim and Grobes), then no.

  6. He’s a spectaculair cocksucker, he’s deepthroated huge rock hard cocks, but on his own site we never saw any dick in his mouth anymore ………..

  7. I love Tim Kruger.He is one of my favorite (top) porn stars.Only thing….Armond Rizzo? I never got the appeal and he has like no ass.I want to see him fuck XL.

  8. I don’t think I’ll ever get over my Tim Kruger crush…. ever. Of all the porn gods, he’s been in my top 3 the whole time.

  9. i love tim and i want him on me and on video yum hott and sexxy man just love to have me some fun and take him on me

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