An Interview With Seth Fornea: The Life Of A Ginger Sex God

Rugged good looks. Rock hard body. And of course… That ass. I’m pretty sure Seth Fornea could wear wet groceries and still look smoking hot. Seth gave us all a peek at the goods last year, but the question on everyone’s lips is whether or not Seth is ever going to go full hardcore.

Guess you’ll have to read our exclusive interview with him to find out! Learn more about what’s coming up in Seth’s future, what’s coming up in his garden and the ways he’s changed since he entered the industry.


Photo credit: Wander Aguiar

Check out our exclusive interview and see more pictures below:

Seth Fornea and coffee

Seth, thank you so much for taking time out to speak to me! How’s 2015 been treating you so far?

So far, incredible! I’ve been able to dance in Madrid, Rio De Janeiro and all over NYC and the USA. It’s my first full year living in NYC, and I’m so thankful I made the big move last year.

Let’s start with the basics. How did you get started modeling?

I started modeling by happenstance as a result of go-go dancing. I began getting approached by photographers while dancing, and I started down the occasional modeling road in 2010.

I first saw you — and you’re gonna laugh at this — as a dancer at the Heretic here in Atlanta in 2010. How would you say you’ve changed in those five years?

Oh wow! That was one of my first gigs ever! Well, a lot has changed about me since then. I was so naive, so new at the scene.

I’ve learned how to say “no”. I got rid of my thongs and replaced them with jockstraps, I never again bought baby oil, and I stopped over-accessorizing. Mostly, I just became more of myself and more comfortable in my own skin.

Seth Fornea

Now I have to ask about your shoot with COLT. Those photos and your nude scene definitely had people hungering for more. Any plans for another video – maybe with a partner? I mean, you already have your own calendar!

I have no plans for any sex videos or movies. I’m totally cool with more nude shoots and such, but I don’t have the desire to make a public sex tape.

(Private ones are another story. *wink* )

I get a lot of flack from people calling me a tease and constantly egging me on to go further and further into porn. To them I say: you are picking the wrong fight! I do what I do for parties and the circuit scene. That’s where my love is and has always been. That’s my daily work and passion.

Have any other studios been courting you to join them?

Not really. I think the consensus is out that video porn is not a desire of mine. If they wanted to do product shoots, I would certainly entertain their offers with welcoming delight. But I would imagine they would rather keep that in the family with their own actors and stars. Makes sense.

Seth Fornea Bubble Butt

On your Twitter bio, you describe yourself as a dancer, chemist and a gardener. That’s a pretty eclectic mix! Does your work in the adult industry ever interfere with your 9-to-5 job? Do people at work know this side of you?

I don’t have a 9 to 5 job. I work about 3-5 nights a week as a go-go dancer and occasionally pick up a modeling gig. So yes, people at work do know my nude work cause most of them are a part of the same industry.

What helps you stay grounded?

The realization of mortality. I understand logic without emotion very well. I’m not caught up in any delusional idea that the universe has some grand plan or that my life has a known purpose. That constantly helps me see the bottom line. Live while you can on your own terms in a way that doesn’t harm others. Do things that make you smile because once you’re dead, that’s it.

Random question: Spring is here — what’s in your garden?

Right now, I have a little hydroponics system in NYC with some basil and parsley.

Seth Fornea Jockstrap

If childhood Seth could see what you’re doing now, what do you think that redheaded Southern boy would say?

He would be appalled and tell me I’m going to Hell, or he would be too afraid to even speak to me. But that’s only because childhood me was brainwashed in crazy Southern Baptist fairy tales. I’m really glad I grew out of childhood me and began to use my own brain. Actually, I would rather have me now say something wise to the childhood me back then!

What’s coming up for you in the future?

Hopefully lots more international gigs! I love those, because I get exposed to other cultures, languages and ideas.

Where can people follow you online?

I’m @sethfornea on all social media platforms. Thank you!



15 thoughts on “An Interview With Seth Fornea: The Life Of A Ginger Sex God

  1. Gimie Gimie Gimie!!! THAT TODGER! But got to respect a man who has a principle and sticks (no pun intended) to it…

  2. His ASS makes my tongue hard. But, Sex god? I’m not sure how to feel about that description. LMFAO

  3. I gotta say, I love Seth the way he is now. If he did a porn scene, for me, it would take something away from his allure. So Seth, if you re reading this, stick to your guns baby.

  4. I was one of those who were saying he was a tease, probably because I misinterpreted his dalliance with Colt, which seemed to me the prologue towards a career in porn. But his explanation is perfectly reasonable, so, keep up the good work! Even if I’ll miss seeing him in action! 😛

  5. I respect him for not doing hardcore (or what I mean is, sticking to his beliefs. Doing porn or not isn’t going to make me respect you more or less) but I’m not that much interested in seeing him do solos and I’m not someone on the NY club scene (lol).

  6. If his beard was scruffier, I’d be much more inclined to not laugh at the description of him as having “rugged” good looks. Is he good looking? Very much so. But trimming and sculpting and shaving your facial hair (and the hair on your head) so fastidiously, to within an inch of it’s life? That’s far too manscaped to be “rugged”. Nothing about him from the head up says “rugged”. Still a sexy man, though.

  7. A lot of guys trim their hair and beard and still look very ruggedly handsome and Seth just so happens to be one of those guys well groomed and yet VERY ruggedly handsome all at the same time !

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