An Interview With Seamus O’Reilly: Fear, Fire-Bush & His Year Of Riding Dicks

Young stud Seamus O’Reilly has sure been busy this year. We’ve seen him get fisted by corrections officer Dean Brody in Club Inferno Dungeon‘s Long Arm of the Law, we’ve seen him get gangbanged and pissed on at Bound In Public, and we’ve seen his more sensitive side as he topped JT Stryder in the kitchen for Next Door Twink.

Oh, and there was that time Landon Conrad boned the living daylights out of him, too. Those of you who enjoy big dicks, carroty orange pubes and cruel degradation should take note: this guy’s a keeper!

I talked to Seamus on the phone the other day as he drove through rural Indiana on his way back to college. He was very friendly, and more than happy to tell me about who he wants to get fucked by, what implements of torture he’d like to buy next, and about his greatest fear of all.


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Read our interview and see more pics of Seamus below:

Seamus O'Reilly

Tell me about yourself. Where are you from?

I’m originally from the Chicago area, but I live in Wisconsin and my boyfriend’s in Nashville. School’s about two hours away from where I grew up. Far enough that I felt like I was going away, but close enough that I can go back when I want to.

How far along are you?

I’m in my last semester now.

And how does someone living in Wisconsin get into porn, anyway?

That came along a little over a year ago. I started applying last summer to a few places. A few companies approached me, but they weren’t the most reputable places at first. So I started doing regular modeling and eventually I had less and less clothes on. A photographer asked me if I’d ever considered doing porn, and he said I should if I hadn’t… My boyfriend was totally fine with it, so I started applying to every company I could think of. It’s just kind of gone from there.

Dean Brody and Seamus O'Reilly for the gay porn fetish film Long Arm of The Law by Club Inferno Dungeon.

I think the first time I saw you was that prison cell fisting scene. How did that come about? Are you that kinky in real life?

Oh yeah, I love it. I’ve kind of been working up to fisting over the last few years. About three weeks after I fisted for the first time, I got a call asking if I wanted to do a fisting scene for Hot House. A lot of what I do on camera I’ve done off camera first, and since I’m a big exhibitionist, I know I’ll have fun doing it on camera.

Anything you’ve done on camera for the first time?

A lot of the BDSM stuff. I’ve been flogged and spanked, but the first time I was chained was on camera. My first bondage suspension was on camera. First group watersports was with Bound In Public. I’d done watersports before, but only with my boyfriend, not with multiple guys at once.

Seamus O'Reilly watersports for Bound In Public

The beer bottle scene! Yeah, that looked fun. Any advice for people that might see what you’re doing and want to try it at home?

Find someone who knows what they’re doing. Know that you can trust them, and slowly work into it. It helps for sure if the other guy knows what he’s doing, but trust is the most important thing.

Anything you haven’t done that you’d like to try?

I’ve wanted to try more electro play. I’ve had the cattle prod but never the violet wand. I also want to try a milking machine and a fucking machine at the same time! It’s hard to find somebody that owns both of them, though. I also want to try sounding.

Oh God, sounding is the most terrifying thing. Sharp spikes up your dick? I can’t imagine a worse thing.

It looks really hot when I see it in porn, and any time I’m at a leather shop, I’m always really tempted to buy them to try it out, but then I think about jabbing myself and it being super painful and not in a good way…

Landon Conrad and Seamus O'Reilly

Yeah, that’s definitely when you’d want to be with someone who knew what they were doing. I’m going to change the subject now. Is porn everything you expected it to be?

Mostly, yes. I had friends who started doing porn not too long before I did, so I called them and said what should I do. Not too much has surprised me. It’s an absolute blast, and everyone that I’ve worked with has been awesome. All the companies have been great, so I guess I’ve been fortunate so far.

And your co-stars?

They’ve been awesome too. A lot of people told me that porn stars are all stuck up divas, but they’ve all been very personable, fun guys to work with.

And they’re all over the place. You’ve worked with muscle daddies and twinks… Does that reflect your own personal taste?

I have a wide range of guys that I like. More often than not, I do lean towards older guys, bears and muscle guys. Sometimes I’ll find twinks or younger jocks that I’m really into, though. It all depends on the day.

Seamus O'Reilly

Name some dream scene partners.

Seven Dixon. And Boomer Banks, who I’ve met before and who was awesome. I think those are the big two right now. There was Kennedy Carter, but he’s retired now. I guarantee you that as soon as I go on Twitter that I’ll have a list a mile long…

Kennedy Carter is great. And he was right at the beginning of the porn craze for red hair… It seems like you’re definitely in the same line.

I’d like to think so. I’ve definitely noticed in the last couple of years. It seems that everyone loves redheads now. And it keeps me in business, so I love it.

Are they your thing, too?

I do like redheads a lot, but they’re not like my big fetish, personally.

Seamus O'Reilly by Balance Photography

Does it weird you out when guys are just into you because of your hair?

I’ve got a friends who told me that if I ever shaved that they’d stop talking to me. My fire-bush has gotten me more photo shoots than anything else, because that’s something that not a lot of people have.

Yeah, I have to say it’s the first thing I noticed… Speaking of noticing, have you had anyone in Wisconsin recognize you from your porn work?

I actually have, but it doesn’t really happen too often. I just don’t want someone to come up to me when I’m having lunch with my grandma saying “Hi Seamus” and then having to explain to my grandma who Seamus is.

So after college are you moving to Nashville to be with your boyfriend?

Ideally, yes, but I’m going to move to wherever I can have a job. I’ve had a long distance relationship for the last three years, so we’re trying to end this bullshit. The distance bullshit, not the relationship bullshit. So we’ll see. I’ve had a couple of different offers, and it’s all over the place from desk work secretary stuff to event planning. We’ll see what happens.

Seamus O'Reilly Cock

Tell me something about your boyfriend.

Um, well he’s older than me. 34, a bit of a bear, which is kind of my weakness. He’s been very supportive of me doing porn. He’s one of my biggest fans, so it’s been really easy. A lot of guys want to date a porn star just because they think it’s a fun thing to do, but they don’t realize the reality that you’re actually going to be having sex with other people.

Tell me something about you that’s not porny.

Oh god! That’s a tough one. Nothing comes to mind that isn’t just random trivia. Yeah, I can’t really think of anything. There are very few topics about me that I don’t want people to know. My social security number. Besides that I’ll tell anybody whatever they want to know.

Hmmm, tell me some random trivia then.

I am absolutely terrified of lizards.

Seamus O'Reilly


That, and I really hate being called Baby. I realized this when I started doing porn, and some of the companies make you fill out fact sheets – how tall are you, what are your favorite positions, etc. And I thought, “Okay, I’m terrified of lizards, I’ll put that down.”

All lizards? Like, if a Geico commercial came on would you have to change the channel?

I can handle the really small gecko lizards. But the bearded dragons, kimodo dragons. Geico commercials I’m fine with. My sister has random pets and actually has a large collection of lizards. Once some of them got sick while she was gone, and I was the person who got to take them out of their cage or aquarium or whatever you call it and put them in their travel container.

So is it a texture thing?

It’s a little bit of a texture thing. And the beady little eyes looking at you like they want to eat you.



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