AlunaGeorge: “Attracting Flies”

AlunaGeorge‘s “Attracting Flies” was accurately described by Stereogum as “probably the sweetest song about telling someone he is full of shit”. It also serves as the first time I’ve officially understood the growing hype around the English duo, who have gained both critical and public praise for the ’90s house-laden “White Noise“, a collaboration with fellow UK duo Disclosure.

In a way, the infectious beat and overall cleverness of “Attracting Flies” has forced me to revisit the rest of AlunaGeorge’s unfortunately small repertoire, and it’s all much better than I previously remembered. Not quite as good as “Attracting Flies”… But, still, quite good!

– Dewitt

Take a listen to “Attracting Flies” below:


Just for a visual element, here’s the video for previous single “Your Drums, Your Love”:

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