Alex Mecum Fucks Tegan Zayne! I Repeat, ALEX MECUM FUCKS TEGAN ZAYNE!

That deserves some CAPS, right? CockyBoys thrust two of their sexiest fuckers at each other, Alexander Mecum and Tegan Zayne, and the results are porn magic! These two fit together ferociously. Witness:

Alex wants to see Tegan shoot all over his chest so he flips him around so he can fuck that load out of him. The two jockey for position for a moment then find their rhythm and Alex pounds Tegan’s ass with a new found sense of purpose. It doesn’t take long before Tegan freezes for a split second and the cum starts to fly. And what a load! He blasts shot after shot of pure white pleasure all over his furry chest and abs. Screaming with pleasure as he drains his balls in a matter of seconds. Damn!

I’d like to second that “Damn!” Alex and Tegan were made to molest each other to the heights of “pure white pleasure.” I know, that phrasing sounds like what white supremacists felt when Trump was elected, but here it’s the culmination of a blazingly hot porn scene.

Scroll for more, and click here to watch the whole scene over at CockyBoys.

Michael Xavier








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