Album Review: “Year Of The Gentleman” Ne-Yo

Album Review Neyo

Ne-Yo has been penning hits for other music artists for a
while now. He’s the words-man behind Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable” and Mario’s “Let
Me Love You” which are two of the most popular songs this summer.

While I’m not a big fan of Ne-Yo, I’ll give it up for his album titled
“Year of the Gentleman.” I can’t
deny good music though I’m not yet
sold on him as a solo artist because he reminds me so much of Usher and a
bit of Michael Jackson. But he writes his own material so I appreciate his artistry. When I first heard his hit
single “Closer” it solidified his position as an artist that I should pay
attention to. The song was so different
from the music that I’m used to hearing from him. It’s such a great electric dance record.

With constant radio and video spins of his second single “Miss
Independent,” he appears to have another hit under his belt. A slew of material from this album was leaked and I admit I’ve
downloaded some of it. What I heard only made it
harder for me to decipher the direction he was taking with “Year of The

All in all, it’s a great cohesive
effort from Ne-Yo that boasts some pretty good tracks. He’s a lyricist first, so he won’t
fall short on content or wordplay. If you’re into
mid-tempos, Ne-Yo’s bread and butter, this album is for you. You
can also expect nice ballads for those of you looking to give the
performance of your life in the shower — as I always do!

My personal favorite tracks includes, “Closer,” “Fade Into The
Background,” “Single” and “Lie To Me”

to purchase Ne-Yo album. You
can check out samples from this album on Ne-Yo’s MYSPACE by clicking here

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