Active Duty: Congratulate Aston Springs And Jay Ice On Their First Time

Soldier boys Aston Springs and Jay Ice are taking the plunge. Well, Jay plunges his big cock into Aston Springs waiting ass. These two have jerked off in solo scenes for Active Duty, but this is the first time either of them have fucked another dude on film.

Then we get to see Jay slide his big, thick cock into Aston’s sweet ass. Jay pounds Aston with lot of passion and intensity. I love how he can let himself become totally engrossed in the moment. After a while, Jay truns Aston onto his back to continue the punishment.

I love it, too! The “first-time” thing always makes for a good scene. Hopefully, these two can take what they’ve learned back to the barracks and practice. And then come back. Let me fix that – “cum” back.

There’s more of Aston and Jay if you click here.

Michael Xavier

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