A quick workout

Malakai White missed the gym today, but Tyler Slater is willing to help him get a quick workout in! They lean in and kiss, pulling their shirts off as they make out and Malakai teases Tyler’s abs and cock with his wet mouth. 

Pulling Tyler’s boxers down, Malakai gets to work on that dick, sucking and licking Tyler’s shaft until he’s so hard. Tyler treats Malakai to some oral too, bending him over and licking Malakai’s tight little hole before pulling him on top and burying his dick inside of him. 

Malakai works his own cock as Tyler fucks him raw until Malakai climbs off of Tyler’s lap so he can get dominated some more. Tyler positions Malakai another way as he has him lay on the bed and take that bareback dick. 

Legs spread wide, Malakai gets pounded by Tyler until he cums hard and Tyler enjoys that tight ass a little longer before pulling out and nutting all over Malakai.


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