A Much Better Sean Cody Matchup

Let’s meet Benjamin and Randy.


Unlike that thing from earlier today, this Sean Cody pairing is actually really fucking fun to watch, and you feel badly for Benjamin a good portion of the way through it because Randy’s cock is so punishingly huge. But then you realize that Benjamin is basically loving this┬áthe entire time, and takes every stupid inch of that beast like a champion. We need more hot Asian bottoms like Benjamin.

Lord knows Sean Cody definitely does. Let’s watch Benji at work:



Nice, right? When I was watching the full version, the video was being kind of wonky while I was rewinding and jumping ahead, so I didn’t see all that beach stuff in there, but they definitely have a whole ‘grilling hotdogs on the deck with their asses out‘ segment which is equally as endearing.
I actually really liked these dudes (especially Benjamin) and I’d come back for seconds.





You can watch all the Sean Cody ups and downs here (see that’s wordplay on the fact that these aren’t always great scenes but also because up and down = fuckin’).


– tyler



2 thoughts on “A Much Better Sean Cody Matchup

  1. Definitely need more variety at Sean Cody! Come on, the Asian Persuasion is real and strong all over the world, especially in the USA with the white men haha!

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