A Hopeless Romantic With A Killer Smile

It’s okay if you just fell in love with Australian Manhunt member Maybus! It could happen to anyone. With an adorable smile like that, you’ve got to wonder why he describes himself as a “hopeless romantic”, because I find it hard to believe that there’s no hope for a gosh-darn handsome face like this one. That, my friends, is a face that’s destined to find romance.

Maybus is a music student and a bartender, and he describes himself as a “complete cheese ball” when it comes to the relationship side of things. He’s versatile and into a lot of fun, sexy stuff, but you’re (probably) gonna have to join him for dinner or a beer before you get into his pants. Something tells me he’d be worth the extra effort.

– Dewitt

Take a look at more pictures of this fine fellow from Melbourne below:





Be a cheese ball and head over here to charm his pants off.



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