A Great Big World’s “Everyone Is Gay” Is A Lovely Anthem For Our Community

I love this song. I love how it’s just two dudes simply singing about how we’re all just looking for love, no matter what our orientation. Pop duo Great Big World penned “Everyone Is Gay” is for their friends at Everyone Is Gay: The Website. This is the nifty stop-motion animation vid for it. You should turn it up and bounce around the office, celebrating life and humanity. Wow, I am awfully chipper for a Monday. I think this gem of a song is to blame.



19 thoughts on “A Great Big World’s “Everyone Is Gay” Is A Lovely Anthem For Our Community

  1. Disgusting and cheesy song, eventually the gay agenda is exposed!!

    No, not everyone is in the middle, how is it OK for faggits to say this but when straight people tell them to “man up” and find a wife they start squealing like pigglets, saying they are “born this way”, can’t change, etc… So everyone is in the middle except for gays… “Everyone is gay” but you would take great offense if people told you that “Everyone is straight”, because your existence and identity would be denied, etc…? What bullshit. And I won’t even mention how most gays are hoping to “turn” straight men…

    This is why I distance myself from LGBT movements!! Too much self righteousness, hysteria and delusion. Started out with good intentions, then became like feminists…A bit of self awareness would also help when it comes to making videos.

    Lord jesus help us…You can’t demand respect while spitting at the face of others.

  2. Dewitt is right, you really do have a shitty attitude. I thought we would get a week off from your hateful commentary while he was on vacation.

  3. I suspect you are not so much distancing yourself from our community as much as we’re running away from you and your self hating attitude.

  4. Why don’t you address the point I make in my comment instead of attacking me ad hominem?

    Saying “everyone is straight” is offensive. The opposite is also true .

  5. I love this song! Such a good message and great tune 🙂

    Some may take it a little too literally and completely miss the point.

  6. Why don’t you address the point I make in my comment instead of making ad hominem attacks?

    Saying “Everyone is straight” is offensive. The opposite is also true.

  7. OK, I’ll disect your post… one, the point of everyone is in the middle seems to be more about how we’re in the middle of something (work vs. family, love vs. hate). Everyone is gay could be a play on words since for quite a while gay meant happy (long before it came to mean homosexual). You could only know how most gays are hoping to turn straight men gay if you’ve personally spoken to most gay men. There was no disrespect in this cute, jaunty little tune, only in your shitty attitude.

  8. Hmmm no, “gay” has a clear meaning in this song and it’s sexual orientation.

    He also says if you’re gay ” you are so strong and unique”.

    How? I find that most gays are Beyoncé or Madonna fans and like stuff in their ass, that’s not unique. Not more unique than straight people could be, but what they really wanna do here is bashing straight people, and I don’t appreciate that.

    Also “if ‘youre straight then that’s great , you can help procreate and make gay little babies”. WTF?

    I sense a huge disregard for straight people in this song, nobody is here to make ” gay little babies” who would be unique and strong while the rest ( if any left, because “Everyone is gay” ) would be weak and a sheep…

    This is deeply insulting to straight people, don’t tar everyone with the same brush. More hate crimes will come from this, a lot of people already have this idea that gay people want to “turn” everyone while they are extremely hermetic to the same idea being applied to them.

    You do not have a special right to insult others because you are a “minority”.

  9. Do you seriously believe that this happy song will create hate crimes? You honestly think this is “straight bashing”? Huh? There’s a HUGE difference between bashing and simply voicing one’s pride and love in oneself. You’re either a pure troll, or terribly delusional. Either way… yo need to reexamine yourself.

  10. This is a song. That’s all it is. Why is anyone from any view point getting so riled up about it? There are worse things to ponder, worry, and get upset about than a song and it’s lyrical content. The song and the people who made it were simply having fun and being silly. Don’t take it too seriously.

  11. It’s a catchy song and it ‘s all about love and acceptance..what’s so wrong with that?

  12. 94hd I have read your comments more than once and I cannot help om believing that you are one of these people who have a hard time in accepting who you are or should I say as to what you might be ! You speak of tarring ( your words ) every straight person with the same brush well hd if anyone is being tarred it is you doing the tarring with regards human life which happens to be gay . hd forgive me if I am wrong but remarks on HATE CRIMES sounds as if you are trying to offer some type of rationality as to why someone would display such BARBARIC action such as HURTING or KILLING someone simply because of who they are ! I do not agree with all the lyric of this song but your whole idea as to what gay life is about is VERY DISTURBING !!!.

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