A Friendly Reminder…


Sippers, what’s the second thing you look at when
someone is speaking to you? I know I look at their shoes. They are so important to an ensemble! It’s the icing on the cake. Wrong icing can
mess up a perfectly good cake. It doesn’t matter if you're wearing sneakers, casual or
dress shoes; make sure they're in good condition! 

There's nothing worse than
seeing an adult man with a run down pair of shoes. Sure, it’s the last thing
you put on but it can be one of the first things others notice. To keep casual or dress shoes looking good, I recommend the Premium Paste kit
by Kiwi because it comes with a mitt and easy-to-use dauber to help you get the shine you need. 

For sneaker heads, I use the Clean
Instant Cleaner by Penquin. It has a pleasant citrus smell that foams
up and works great on canvas, nylon, smooth leather and vinyl. And if you can, get them polished once in awhile. For guys like
me who prefer sneakers, when they start to get creases, get a new pair!

– Bumble Bee

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