7 Questions: Eddy Ceetee

While researching the devastatingly sexy Eddy Ceetee for “7 Questions,” I discovered a fact that was so close to home that I’m kicking myself. He lived here in Boston (aka Manhunt Land) for three years. He even dated someone who worked here at Manhunt before I did! AAAIEEEHHH! Why couldn’t I have become Manhunt Daily’s blogger sooner?

You definitely know Titan Men exclusive and flip fucker extraordinaire Eddy Ceetee from such scenes as “Parole” and “Say Uncle.” With a body like fire, his performances alongside pros such as Jesse Jackman and Hugh Hunter have already put him well on his way into the pantheon of porn greats.

And if you haven’t yet, you should follow him on Twitter for the entertainment value alone.

Eddy was nice enough to take the time to answer our “7 Questions” and even sent a hello to Manhunt Daily’s readers. From the shower! THAT ASS.

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1. What’s your favorite scene that you’ve ever shot, and why? Favorite scene partner?

My favorite scene has to be the first scene I ever shot. For some reason it felt most natural to me. It was with Nick Prescott. I don’t know why but, before I shot, I was afraid that I was going to regret my decision to do porn. But instead I was glad. So, that scene I won’t ever forget. I like all my scene partners and I’m not just saying that! Titan really knows how to pick guys that are easy-going and patient and with no ego at all. We all really enjoy each other.

2. Do you think porn has changed you as a person?

Porn has for sure changed me as a person. Just like any experience we go through in life we are affected and changed, and it’s up to us to take these experience and make them positive or negative. We have control of that fully. Porn has made me appreciate the relationships in my personal life. Porn has also made me value being in a monogamous relationship. Sex in porn is fun. I have nothing but good things to say about it, but the key to success is to not get stuck in that whirlwind. By that, I mean don’t make it a lifestyle. For example, I do many appearances at nightclubs around the country and I’m very fortunate to have that. It’s actually one of my favorite things that came from doing porn, but when I do go to these events I don’t get messy. My rule is be on the outside looking in!


3. What’s something that your fans would be surprised to know about you?

I’m a writer. That seems to surprise many. I write about life in a somewhat philosophical, motivational way. My blog is thedenouementoflife.wordpress.com. I’m also in the process of working on publishing some of my writing so stay tuned.

4. Advice for guys who want a body like yours?

My advice is consistency. It truly is. Anyone can have a body like mine, it’s very realistic. You just have to work out and stick to it! Dedication equals result! Just like anything in life. Make it a lifestyle and listen to your body. Eat when hungry and eat clean. Bread is one of the worst things for you in my book, even whole wheat. I stick to rice and what comes from it. Limit the intake of processed foods as well. And cook your meals at home, don’t eat out!


5. Dispel a myth about guys that do porn.

First question I get asked all the time is how do I apply to be a fluffer? Ha ha, that is a total myth. No such thing. If it was real I would’ve applied a long time ago 😉

6. How did you come up with your porn alias?

Ha ha. It’s not really an interesting story at all. But, since the age of 10, I lived in Connecticut. Then about 3 and half years ago I moved to Boston. So when I started bartending, I wanted to make a Facebook page separate from my personal page. I couldn’t think of what to call it, since I didn’t want to just post my last name. So I thought I’d just put “eddy ct,” so I tried making the page “eddy ct.” But Facebook wouldn’t let me, saying the last name is too short. So automatically I came up with ceetee. And it caught on. I was known as Eddy Ceetee from then on. So when I decided to do porn, I thought it would be silly to use anything else since I already had fans and followers. So I stuck with it, and continued on with that alias.


7. Do you have any kinks or fetishes that would surprise your fans?

My fans will probably not be surprised because I’m so open with my foot fetish. I go crazy when it comes to feet. You could put the hottest guy in front of me and tell me I could only choose between seeing his feet or his dick. I would pick feet without hesitation . So you can imagine what a day at the beach is like for me, Ha ha. 😉

Thanks, Eddy! Check out Eddy’s blog, THE DENOUEMENT OF LIFE, and his DJ work at Soundcloud, as well as following him on Snapchat (“ejabs89”) and Instagram! You can see ALL of his sexy, slutty work at TitanMen here.

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