Meet the yogi who specializes in all-male naked yoga classes for gay and bisexual guys

Dan Carter is the owner of Danimal Yoga in Washington, D.C., where he recently began leading all-male naked yoga classes geared towards gay and bisexual men. Why? Why not?! Yoga’s great and being naked is fun! “I think that moment we take off our clothes is so pivotal […]

Lord of the Rings Viggo Mortensen defends Playing Gay Character in new film

Viggo Mortensen has defended playing a gay man in new film Falling. In the movie, Mortensen plays the husband of a man whose homophobic father comes to live with them while dealing with dementia. The star, known for roles in Lord of the Rings and Green Book, also directs […]

Zakar twins promised free OnlyFans-style content if Biden won. Well, he won.

First comedian Zach Noe Towers promised if Biden bested Trump, which he produced true to word. Then the Zakar Twins showed their political chops, committing to even more if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ascends to higher office. “Will post nudes if (when?) Trump loses,” they wrote on November 3: Will post nudes […]