Pedro Almodóvar Thinks Superhero Movies Aren’t Horny Enough

According Pedro Almodóvar, Marvel movies aren’t sexy enough. Has he never seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier or checked the Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes tab on Ao3? Because while the Avengers might be a bit prude onscreen, they’re having plenty of gay sex in fanfiction. Almodóvar, whose new (very […]

Elton John says Madonna was “ungracious and nasty” about Lady Gaga in new book

Elton John has addressed his relationship with Madonna. In his new autobiography Me, the singer revisits a number of encounters with fellow A-list celebrities and in one section recalls how his feud with Madonna got worse when she made negative comments about Lady Gaga, who’s […]

Robert Pattinson Has Already Chosen His Batman Voice

Robert Pattinson has revealed that he’s already settled on a signature voice for his role in The Batman. The character recently appeared in a total of three live-action, big-screen outings – most prominently Batman v Superman and Justice League. Amid the underwhelming reception, Ben Affleck’s portrayal was largely praised. […]

André Aciman Speaks Out About Imminent ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Sequel: ‘I Think This Ends the Tale of Elio and Oliver’

Call Me By Your Name author André Aciman is speaking out about Find Me, his sequel to the first novel, which follows the characters of Elio and Oliver in adulthood and arrives on October 29 (SPOILERS AHEAD) Aciman told British Vogue that for the first time, we hear from Elio’s […]