The Ten: Hudson Cock-Slaps Kayne Lawton With His Beer Can Thick Shaft, Remains Victorious

Three votes. That’s all that stopped rugby player Kayne Lawton from becoming your “Sexiest Man of The Moment“. His plans were thwarted by Sean Cody model Hudson, who’s now held the title for seven consecutive weeks despite fierce competition from guys like Chris Bailey, Guy […]

Manhunt Now: The Hottest Men Of The Week

Hmm, say I had to compose the perfect man out of the Manhunt members below, right? Like a gay Dr. Frankenstein! Some of the ingredients I would use would be  cordoue31‘s arms, Moving2brisbane‘s eyes, HarrisonADL‘s tongue, Nickfe‘s thighs, birthdaycake22‘s beard, TheRiben‘s bulge, and Luca_ttop‘s abs! Which of this week’s “Manhunt Now” […]

Three’s Company: Andrew Stark, Mike De Marko & Duncan Black Make Hanky Code Relevant Again

Holy fucking fuck! If you’re into rough sex, verbal tops or subservient bottom boys, then you need to see this threesome between Andrew Stark, Mike De Marko and Duncan Black. The scene kicks off in a bar on Hanky Night, where Andrew notices the orange […]