14 Reasons To Treat Yo’ Self (And Ejaculate)

I am genuinely concerned that some of you have not taken advantage of Next Door World‘s utterly epic, once-in-a-lifetime sale. There are absolutely no excuses! Twelve sites for the price of one, five updates a week, over 2000 scenes and a discounted rate for your entire life. <— This means that, each month, you’re paying less than a penny for each scene.


If you’re still not convinced that it’s a good idea to hop in bed with Next Door World, I’ve rounded up fourteen very convincing reasons to consider it. You’d think that saying the names “Paul Wagner” and “Samuel O’Toole” would be enough, but alas, some folks aren’t as easy as I am.

– Dewitt

Click through to view all fourteen reasons (and ejaculate):

1. PAUL WAGNER’S EVERYTHING: There are 32 Paul Wagner scenes available through Next Door World. For me, that alone is worth $14.95. When you put things into perspective, you’d be paying less than fifty cents for each of those scenes, and that’s a small price to pay to watch one of the MOST HANDSOME MEN IN THE WORLD take it up the ass.

2. ORGIES!: It’s confusing that we never wrote about Next Door Buddies‘ “Suds & Studs“, since it’s essentially the gay porn equivalent of Andrew Christian‘s oh-so-popular “Freshman Car Wash” video. This is only one of many orgy scenes available through Next Door World‘s mega-site, featuring Samuel O’Toole, Rod Daily, Marcus Mojo, Campbell Stevens, Johnny Torque, Donny Wright and Brody Wilder.

3. KURT WILD BOTTOMING LIKE A CHEAP WHORE: This scene with Cliff Jensen is one of our most popular Twink Tank posts of all time. Kurt Wild, who appeared on the “gay for pay” episode of Tyra Banks‘ talk show, looked like a pro’ getting his hole plugged. It’s impossible to hear those moans and not think that he was enjoying himself.

4. JAMES JAMESSON’S EVERYTHING: Ginger cock alert! There are 51 James Jamesson scenes available through Next Door World. For those alone, you would be paying less than 30 cents each… And James isn’t just a pretty penis! He’s a man of true substance.

5. BEFORE THEY WERE STARS!: Little did you know, a ton of your favorite gay porn stars began their careers on Next Door‘s various sites. The above scene is a foursome with both Spencer Reed and Christian Wilde… Considering what he looks like now, can you even recognize Spencer?

6. SAMMY O’TOOLE’S ASS: We wouldn’t write three Everything Butt posts about any man’s cheeks! Sammy’s muscular globes caught our attention on (and off) screen, and his fuzzy crack always had us coming back for more. Sometimes, we’d fast-forward through his hardcore scenes just to get to the part where the cameraman focuses on his glutes, as he thrusted his equally perfect cock into his scene partner’s hungry holes… Le sigh! Those were the days.

7. PRE-FUZZY TRENT LOCKE: This, of course, falls into the “before they were stars” category, but you’ve got to admit that it’s weird (in a good way) to watch hairy sex machine Trent Locke in his twunkier phase. It makes his retirement all the more bittersweet…

8. MMF BISEXUAL SCENES: There are few sites that produce bisexual porn where all three performers are equally involved. You might have to dig a little harder for them, but Next Door World has dozens for your masturbational pleasure.

9. TWINKS GALORE: Access to Next Door World grants you access to EVERY scene from Next Door Twink. This includes Trevor Knox‘s perfect boy-cunt, Joey Tiger‘s very vocal performances, Lucas Knight‘s huge cock, Matthew Keading‘s adorable man-bangs and this scene between Marko Lebeau, Tristan Sterling and some other guy that I somehow missed (despite my obsession with both Marko Lebeau and Tristan Sterling).

10. KEVIN CROWS’ DICK: Enough said?

11. BRYAN COLE IN THIS THREESOME: It takes talent to look this good when you’re getting stuffed in both ends… Just kidding! Most men look great getting double-dicked, but Bryan Cole in particular looks VERY great. He should never be seen without two dicks inside of him. Never ever.

12. PARKER LONDON’S EVERYTHING: I’m a fan of the 2012 version of Parker London, though I can understand why someone would lean towards his trimmer, more boyish days as a performer. You can see him in 42 different clips on Next Door World, which rounds out to less than 36 cents per video.

13. THE HOTTEST STRAIGHT MAN ALIVE: I would pay $14.95 just to watch Vinny Castillo‘s scenes with Cassandra Cruz and Gabriella Paltrova over and over again. For the record, you can also watch Vinny’s M4M oral scenes on Next Door World, but I have a weak spot for his clips with the ladies. Sue me!

14. SO MUCH FUCKING PORN: A membership to Next Door World gives you access to ALL of Next Door’s solo sites. This includes 136 scenes with Samuel O’Toole, 120 scenes with Austin Wilde, 268 scenes with Tommy D, 123 scenes with Trystan Bull, 98 scenes with Mason Wyler, 161 scenes with Rod Daily, 154 scenes with Marcus Mojo and a whopping 276 scenes with Cody Cummings. Unless I’m doing my math wrong, you’d be paying close to ONE CENT for each of these scenes alone.

9 thoughts on “14 Reasons To Treat Yo’ Self (And Ejaculate)

  1. I am begging you all,
    Considering that except for Cody’s site no new content will be shot for the other sites then I don’t think they should be advertising as “5 updates a weeks”.
    Offering discount memberships through Next Door World makes sure that NDS and Cody get their money but screw over the all the other performers who have been fired…you know the ones who actually had gay sex. The other performers(Marcus, Rod, Samuel O’toole, etc) would still get paid for the next year if a member joined from thier sites but if people sign up this way they get nothing.
    Cody gets his chunk regardless. That has always been an issue for someone who might have wanted to support Austin or Rod or Marcus but didn’t want to give Cody another dime.

  2. lol There are no excuses for not paying for porn? I would think that the abundance of good free porn in the world would be excuse enough.

  3. lol There are no excuses for not paying for porn? I would think that the abundance of good free porn in the world would be excuse enough.

  4. Calling Paul Wagner “one of the MOST HANDSOME MEN IN THE WORLD”?! Truer words have never been written, Dewitt.

  5. Calling Paul Wagner “one of the MOST HANDSOME MEN IN THE WORLD”?! Truer words have never been written, Dewitt.

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