Yup! You Can Unlock Your iPhone 5s With Your Penis.

The new fingerprint identity sensor on the iPhone 5s has been put to some strange uses since the device’s release. Throughout the world, tech nerds have watched in amazement as individuals unlocked their phones with the power of their nipples or a cat’s paw, as they silently wondered to themselves what would be next… And here’s the answer! You can unlock an iPhone 5s with your dick.

dick scroll

We first became suspicious that this was a possibility when the slightly-related GIF image above began floating around Manhunt headquarters. Sadly, nobody within the immediate vicinity was man enough to whip out his schlong and test this hypothesis, so it was a complete stroke of luck that OnTheHunt alumnus Roman Rivers just so happened to be visiting the office yesterday afternoon.

It didn’t take much coercing to get him to test our theory out, and within just a few moments, we made an extremely important technological discovery. Our precious iPhones are into more than merely getting fingered! They can recognize us with a little “just the tip” action.

– Dewitt

Watch Roman Rivers unlock an iPhone 5s with the tip of his dick below:



Roman Rivers