Woof Alert: Hunter

It’s no secret that Hunter is a big ol’ cub. You don’t have to look twice to know there’s a round belly, massive thighs and a thick ass hiding underneath his clothes, and he’s certainly not shy about sharing those characteristics with you. If you happen to be someone who’s not “into” men of the heftier variety, then please respect those of us who are attracted to Hunter and move on to the next post. Nobody is forcing you to click through. Nobody at all.

Now, as for the rest of you? It’s time to see what’s underneath those damn clothes.

Hunter’s waist may not be small, but his curves are certainly kickin’. Men’s Health might say he’s fat, but I ain’t down with that. To put in simple terms? I like his big butt, I cannot lie, and his anaconda is more than welcome to invade my buns whenever he wants. Thank you for your time. Enjoy!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Pantheon Bear

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