Unlockables: What Makes A Good Manhunt Profile Pic?

I promise this isn’t lazy blogging. After last weekend’s “Wilson” post*, I had to ask myself whether I’d hook up with someone without a face picture (or a series of pics in which his face is blocked). It turns out the answer is “Yes”. Admittedly, there would have to be a picture that’s so enticing, it’d be worth spinning the wheel of anonymity.

The picture above is one of those pictures (for me). The combination of the hairy legs, round cheeks and bulge come together with this explosive force that I couldn’t possibly say “No” to.

Granted, this is just some random image I came across on Tumblr. It might have been taken by a photographer who specializes in erotic photography, or it might just be some random self-portrait someone took while they were fucking around. It could be a porn star! It could be the guy next door! I don’t really know, and it’s kind of irrelevant to the question posed in this post…

In your opinion, what makes a good profile pic on Manhunt? What elements grab your eye?

– Dewitt

* Opinions were divided across the board on “The Wilson”. Check out the full results here.