There’s A Reason They Call Him “Lucky”…

You see those two muscular redheads making out in the picture above? They go by the names of Max London and Danny Harper, and they’re about to tag-team the hell out of the guy on his knees. Their bottom-boy fuck slut is otherwise known as Lucky Daniels. Of course, at this very moment, we’re tempted to just call him “lucky-ass bastard”.

Not only does he receive a very enthusiastic rimjob from Max, but then he gets to suck the beloved fire crotch’s big cock while Danny engages in similar ass-licking activities. It’s not all a walk in the park though! Just look at how red his cheeks are as he hungrily switches from one cock to another.

But, honestly, who wouldn’t take a little abuse to passionately make out with Max while Danny uses your hole? And then to throw your legs in the air and take a thick load on your stomach? We tell you, it isn’t fair that Lucky Daniels gets to have all the fun! Let’s hope Randy Blue invites us over for the next round…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Randy Blue

To check out Lucky, Max and Danny in action, follow the JUMP: