The “Real Man” Project: YOU

Gay porn star Anthony Romero designed the best t-shirt ever.

You knew this was coming, right? We’re at the point in The “Real Man” Project where we’re asking you, our dear readers, to contribute your personal definitions of what it means to be a “real man”. The guidelines are the same for every other participant—submit a 400-1000 word guest post or a short video expressing your opinion.

Bonus points will be rewarded for sexiness and originality. Even more bonus points will be rewarded for nudity and dick shots. Oh, and hell, if you make a video of yourself fucking your boyfriend whist waxing philosophical on masculinity and gender norms, we will give you ALL of the bonus points in the world.

All submissions should be e-mailed to

To compensate for your time, we’ll hook you up with three months of unlimited membership to Manhunt. If you’re in a strictly monogamous relationship or don’t want the membership for whatever reason, we’ll figure out some other way to bring some happiness to your life… Free porn? Pictures of my dick? Maybe. We’ll see.

– Dewitt

PS: This t-shirt is a real thing. Anthony Romero made it! I’m not sure if it came before or after this tweet, but I think you should all buy one in every color. You could also get it as a hoodie, v-neck, long-sleeve shirt and girly tee. Wear it to your favorite gay bar. Wear it to an orgy. Wear it at your grandma’s house. Just go and wear it already, okay?