The “Real Man” Project: Big Dipper

Big Dipper realness

Have you met my new husband, Big Dipper? (Sorry, Troy Daniels. There’s more of him to love.) Of course you have! We’ve written about him approximately 99 trillion times on Manhunt Daily, including an exclusive interview and a post about his latest single “Summertime Realness”. He’s practically your best friend by now. Practically.

Much to our delight, the Chicago-based rapper made a cute video for The “Real Man” Project. As you might recall, Mr. Dipper touched upon the topic of what it means to be a “real man” in the past:

“Masculinity is a fantasy that we all enjoy.” he told us several months ago. “Gay men are attracted to it and boast that they embody it, but masculinity and femininity are fluid. Gender and sexuality both exist on a spectrum, and we all fall somewhere in there.”

How could he possibly expand upon that and provide a better answer? Easy! It all comes down to a simple equation: Flirting with me + Fisting references + Booty shakes + Shirt lifting + Hot friends in singlets + Being more shameless than RuPaul.

If you’re not “drip-dropping” by the end of this clip, then you are an evil person with no soul.

– Dewitt

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