The Artist Formerly Known As Tag Eriksson

Porn performer Tag Eriksson (legal name Fredrik Eklund) has put his pants on and is now selling something on video besides dick. He’s one of the stars of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York, which premieres on March 7. That’s the spin-off of the one where gay guys scream at each other over real estate. This is as opposed to couture, Swiss chard, or record deals. I’m CONVINCED that there are actually no biological females in Bravo’s reality television stable.

A native of Sweden, Tag appeared in a handful of gay vids before becoming a superstar corporate realtor in NYC. “Superstar” isn’t an exaggeration. He’s so big the New York Times did a profile on him. They didn’t include the pic of him sucking dick while exposing his partner’s butthole to the camera, though. Lame. We did.

This is a good example of how appearing in adult film isn’t always a hinderance to one’s career. Maybe it helped? For you property owners out there – did you want to know how big your realtor’s cock was?

– J. Harvey

(via Queerty)

p.s. The best Tag Eriksson film has got to be 2003’s The Hole. It’s a take-off of The Ring. Tagline? “You see a video tape. You get a menacing phone call in the night… and seven days later you’re GAY.” HAHAHAHA. I love porn.

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