The Amateur Hour: Cute Cub Camming

Well, this is awkward! I’m pretty sure I just half-jizzed my pants watching this one-sided video of a horny, hairy cub chatting up his cam buddy. Honestly, it’s almost better that we can only hear one half of the conversation, because it allows you to pretend he’s saying things like “Oh God, I’d love you to stretch my ass out with your fingers!” and “I’ll fuck you, then you fuck me” directly to you.

As if that weren’t enough, he also happens to be demonstrating one of my all-time-favorite poses for watching a guy stroke! Slouched down with his ankles on the desk, we’re treated to a perfect view of all the “good” parts… And, hey, how about that cumshot? You can’t really see how much he’s squirting, but the way his body spasms made me wish I were inside of him while he blew.

Hell. Fucking. Yes.

– Dewitt

Cute hairy cub stroking his thick cock on cam.


(via Ordinary People)



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