Straight Guys Are Gay/Cute Guys On YouTube: Three Marines Do Taylor Swift

Not that way. Yeah, they’re straight but I’m thinking she’s not ready to debut her “I’m so surprised, y’all” face whilst getting a train run on her in a tank.

“Straight Guys Are Gay” was originally started to spotlight cute dudes on YouTube doing stereotypically “gay” things like making out, dancing together, rimming each other, etc. In actuality, there’s no way to prove that the guys in the vids are actually straight or gay. It doesn’t matter! The name of the feature was just us being cheeky.

However, someone in the comments always seems to take umbrage with the title and what “straight” means and what “gay” means. Understood. From now on we’re gonna call it “Cute Guys On YouTube”. Not the most INVENTIVE title, but it gets it done.

Anyway, here’s three “bored marines in Afghanistan” singing along to Taylor Swift. Considering my announcement in the last paragraph, the fact that they titled their vid “It’s not gay to sing Taylor Swift” is amusing.

– J. Harvey

To watch some soldiers lip-synch to “You Belong To Me” and look sweet doing it, Follow the JUMP: