Straight Guys Are Gay(?): You Can Have Sex With A Guy And Still Be Straight, Right?

Can you fuck or be fucked by a guy (the difference might be a factor in your answer) and still be considered “straight?” That’s what this “Steamroom Stories” vid puts forth. You might be distracted from answering because of the dude’s nipples on the right. They’re like headlights. You’re going to be like a deer in them. Anyway, in this bit, a dude admits to his friend that he did gay for pay but asserts he’s straight. His friend has doubts. The dude who did a dude argues that if a gay guy has sex with a girl, it doesn’t make him straight. That’s a good point!

We could go around and around on this one for hours. It really matters how you define “gay.” It’s also a matter of friction. And what you’re visualizing. How do you think guys in prison have sex lives? Our finding is “yes, a guy can still have sex with a guy and be straight.” Agree or disagree?