Spencer Reed Sticks A Broom Up Shane Frost’s Butt

Spoiler alert? Yes, as the title of this post suggests, Spencer Reed is about to insert a broom into Shane Frost‘s buttocks. It’s probably for the best that we’re telling you this now, because we nearly fell off our chairs when we first watched this scene. It’s not like this is the craziest, kinkiest thing we’ve ever seen. For rimjob‘s sake, we work at Manhunt!

With that said, when you’re not expecting a foreign object to get shoved into a bodily orifice, it goes without saying that it can initially be a little shocking. Once we adjust to the scenario (and picked ourselves up off the floor), we were kind of digging the way Spencer dominates Shane. Does anyone have a staircase they’d like to tie us to? We’ve been very bad boys, and we deserve to be punished…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dominic Ford

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