Rhode Island Passed Their Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Rhode Island is very underrated. Everyone’s always like “Rhode Island?” “Where’s that?””Isn’t that the postage stamp state?” Yes, it is. But they have Newport, a way better Gay Pride parade then Boston (it’s at night so it’s much more of a party atmosphere), and the Rhode Island House of Representatives just passed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.

Hold up, though. It still has to go before the Senate before it becomes a law. And it has opponents. The Senate prez, Teresa Paiva-Weed, is against same-sex marriage. So she’s dumb. But she’s in charge, so that’s worrisome.

The openly gay Speaker of the House, Gordon Fox, explained to the New York Times why this won’t be an easy victory.

“It’s a combination of the quirkiness of our little state, the really entrenched opposition of our Catholic Church,” as well as the dominant role that the church has historically played in the state, Mr. Fox said.

It’s the only state in New England in which gay marriage isn’t legal. So this needs to happen. But strides have been made, so nice work.

– J. Harvey