Real Life Couple Deacon And Asher Fuck For Sean Cody

This would almost be romantic if it wasn’t fucking hot and filled with enough pump action to fuel a thousand jerkoff sessions. Deacon and Asher are a couple in real life who are kindly enough to let Sean Cody film their lovemaking. Well, it’s less “lovemaking” and more “fuck action.”

So, why Sean Cody?

Asher started, “We just thought it’d be a fun adventure, you know, something that we’ve never done…”

Deacon added to it, “Yeah, we wanted something to bind us together, and marriage just wasn’t enough so…”

They both laughed. “The internet is forever!”

That’s for sure. This goes without saying, but these two studs were smokin’ hot together! This flip-fuck is sure to hit the spot!

And they flip-fuck! Happy Friday! Here’s something to do to help you get over the pain of the inauguration! Watch the whole scene here.

Michael Xavier