Quickie: Seth Mitchell

We hate to inform you that Seth Mitchell isn’t playing for our team. Or at least we think he isn’t. There’s an interview floating around in which he’s asked whether modeling helps him with the ladies, and then there’s another one where he says he’s dazzled by “confident, poised women”. For the record, it was the interviewer who used the word “dazzle”, so don’t get any bright ideas in your head based on his vocabulary choices…

Now, why would we feature an entirely heterosexual man on the pages of Manhunt Daily? Duh, because he’s devastatingly handsome. And did we mention that he’s forty-five years-old? The next time one of you bitches about us posting too many twinks, we’re just going to refer you to this post. Kidding, kidding! We love you all.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Empyrean Photography / David Wagner

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Below photos by David Wagner