Quickie: Maxwell Zagorski

I’m not into perfection. I like a little jiggle to the ass, a crooked cock and a couple of scars. But if I was, Maxwell Zagorski would be the deity I worshiped. Max here is hashtag flawless. I have a challenge for those commentators who constantly point out what’s wrong with the men we post about. Some of you twats get neutron microscopic! If you can find a legit flaw on Maxwell, you get a week of Unlimited Membership on Manhunt gratis. You’ve been served!

– J. Harvey

Photo credit: Paul Reitz

Check out more pics of the flawless Maxwell Zagorski below:

maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-6 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-5 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-4 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-3 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-2 maxwell-zagorski-homotography-paulreitz-1

(via Homotography)