Quickie: Josh Wald

If you’re one of the unlucky folks who doesn’t have Columbus Day off, you can at least celebrate (or not celebrate) the occasion by getting off. Of course, you should probably wait until you get home to engage in such activities, as we imagine your coworkers won’t appreciate you wanking in the middle of the workplace.

We still can’t believe that Josh Wald‘s never been posted on Manhunt Daily. With his gorgeous features and hairy chest, he’s one of those “duh” guys we’re always talking about. In other words? We had to take a moment and ask ourselves, “Duh, why haven’t we ever fantasized about fucking you from behind?”

To makes the situation in our pants even more urgent, he’s more than just a pretty face. When he’s not modeling, Josh produces the alternative hip-hop group Mama’s Boy Goes Digital and works on developing his skateboarding skills. Yes, there’s no denying it–he is a sk8er boi.

– Dewitt